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When do I start brushing my little one's teeth

We’re bunkering down just like all of you. We thought we’d take this time to answer some questions we frequently get asked. Video #1 (bear with us we are new at this 😂).

First Video Question: When should I start brushing my child’s teeth? -WHEN THE FIRST TOOTH APPEARS. Although it’s a good idea to start brushing gums even before the first tooth so your little one gets used to the sensation. -BRUSHES TO USE: finger brushes (like The Brushies), silicone brushes (like Nuk), or infant bristle toothbrushes (Oral-B) -START FLUORIDE RIGHT A WAY. Use. a rice-size or smear amount (until age 3, then pea size). -BRUSH MORNING AND NIGHT. Start a routine and stick with it, it will make it a lot easier as they become toddlers if you already have a routine established. Attempt to brush right before bed after they have finished their last bottle/meal, however, I know this is difficult, so just do the best you can. Feel free to ask questions, we’re here to help!

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